The best foreign TV provider for Expats in China

WARNING: Chinese copycats:

You know you're doing a good job if Chinese people copy your website, but trying to sell you ripoff services. 
DON'T GET CHEATED BY WECHAT ID empires001 or hdtvservice!
The bastards just literally copied our website and are trying to sell you a TV HD App that is anyway included in our service...

About IPTV in China:

IPTV is not a 100% guaranteed seamless solution in China, the Chinese internet circumstances differ from time to time and are also depending on your location. We do however offer you the best possible solution inside China!

If for whatever reason our box does not satisfy your needs in the first month, we promise to take it back and refund you the remaining time!

What is Expat TV China?

Expat TV China is a special hardware device that you connect to your TV and a subscription service that will open 8200+ international TV channels, 6000+ movies and series and direct access to Youtube, Netflix and Soundcloud. It also has a build in Wifi hotspot to access above services and more(!) from any Wifi device that is near the special device.

We also offer 6(!) extra streaming apps (AOK Live, HDP Live, UBLive, DEKE TV, IPTV, Watch TV, etc) as extra streams. Check our website for the channel lists and get in touch with us if you would like to have your native TV channels, right here in China!

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